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Ruptured Silicone Implant

Remove Leaking Implants

Woman with ruptured silicone implantIf you are experiencing a ruptured silicone implant, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi provides expert revisional breast augmentation surgery that can restore your bust line. Some women choose silicone breast implants over saline implants because they produce results that look and feel more natural. Like saline implants, they are designed to withstand some pressure, but can rupture and leak under some circumstances. Unlike ruptured saline breast implants, a ruptured silicone implant can be difficult to detect with the naked eye, and can cause tissue surrounding the implant to become enflamed, resulting in pain or swelling. Dr. Khoobehi provides revisional breast augmentation to remove ruptured implants and restore your comfort and breast shape. To learn more about how Dr. Khoobehi can help you look and feel your best after experiencing a ruptured silicone breast implant, please contact our New Orleans practice today.

Experiencing a Rupture

The Food and Drug Administration recommends regular MRI exams to monitor the condition of your silicone breast implant. This is because the effects of a rupture are not always visible, nor do they always result in pain or discomfort. Your body naturally forms a capsule of scar tissue around breast implants, which can retain the silicone in the event of a rupture, along with the shape and size of the breast. This is called a silent rupture. A ruptured silicone implant can result in pain, soreness or swelling but one shouldn’t rely on these indicators alone as evidence that an implant may have ruptured – routine examinations are very important. Though there has been well-publicized concern about the potential for leaking silicone to affect a woman’s health, this has not been shown to lead to breast cancer, reproductive difficulties, or connective tissue diseases like arthritis.

Silicone Implant Removal and Replacement

If you suspect that your silicone implant has ruptured, or if you have had this confirmed by a doctor, Dr. Khoobehi can tailor a revisional breast augmentation treatment to your specific needs and wishes. He can remove the damaged implant and replace it with another implant, which is the traditional solution, or he can provide a fat graft, which is an advanced solution and one of Dr. Khoobehi’s specialties. Depending upon your goals and needs, implant replacement can be combined with a fat graft.

Dr. Khoobehi is a national leader in the advancement of fat transferto the breast. This procedure removes unwanted fat from one part of your body, and relocates it to the breast to achieve long-lasting and natural-looking results.

If you and Dr. Khoobehi determine that replacing the ruptured silicone implant is the best solution, he usually recommends placing the implant below the pectoral muscle (submuscular placement) for the most realistic-looking results.

Your Consultation

Dr. Khoobehi treats every patient with expert care and the utmost compassion. Together, you will determine the very best course of action to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Khoobehi takes great care to inform his patients of their options, and to ensure that they completely understand their choices, and the risks and benefits associated with them.

Contact Us Today

If you have suffered a ruptured silicone breast implant, Dr. Khoobehi can help you reclaim the breast size and shape you want, as well as the comfort and peace of mind that you deserve. To learn more about how our services can benefit you, please contact our New Orleans office today.

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